5 Steps to Living with More Self-Love and Authenticity

Self-love is a confusing topic, don’t you think? We’re all out here trying to  seek this magical coined term of #balance, without the faintest clue what that might look like for us. One day chocolate may be the soul-nourishment that you need, but the next day, loving yourself may actually mean having the green juice instead because your body deserves the nutrition.

A grand proportion of getting this “balance” right is having a degree of self-awareness that a lot of us haven’t quite mastered. It’s about finding joy in the mundane at times, and indulging ourselves in luxury and abundance when the time calls for it.

Here are 5 ways you can start to do this on a daily basis…

Choose Happiness

Start getting really honest with yourself about what makes you feel GOOD. Not good “in the moment”, but good long-term. Before you indulge in the ice-cream, or the expensive pair of shoes, ask yourself if this will contribute to your happiness OVERALL. If the joyous moment is going to be fleeting, ask yourself if the detrimental side of the action will actually cause more harm to your happiness long-term. Sometimes we become far too caught up in the moment, that we can forget what makes us feel good on a grander level.

Indulge For Free

Indulge yourself with the most precious currency of all… time. Make that bath-time longer and more mindful as you soak. Allow yourself an extra 30 minutes to get to work so you can detour through the park on your way there. It seems a bit futile to say this, but time IS indulgent, because all of us feel as though we never have enough of it. When was the last time your self-care involved a proper stint of “you time”?

Allow Negativity to Live

Noone is perpetually happy. It just ain’t possible (sorry folks). Allow yourself to feel your way through your emotions (daily), without hesitation or judgement. Sometimes, in ordinary circumstances, emotions will appear and you will have to suppress them (e.g. in the workplace, or in social settings). But when you arrive home, ensure you experience the negative feelings that have arrived throughout the day so that you can process them and feel your way through them. When we allow ourselves to accept all our feelings as they are, we are accessing a higher level of self-awareness that is so key to living a happier tomorrow.

30 seconds

Seriously, sometimes 30 seconds is all it takes to get back to loving ourselves. When we take momentary pauses – even just for 30 seconds – to focus on our breathing pattern, we restore a sense of inner peace and can remind ourselves that we are in control of our thoughts and our reactions to our surroundings. Try and implement these 30 second pauses throughout the day… let them be attached to cues (such as going to the bathroom, or boiling the kettle) to act as reminders for taking these paused moments.

You Are Your Guru

It can be SO easy to be swept away in fads and trends that we can get confused when something that appears to work for the whole of Instagram, doesn’t work for you. Is that booty workout not making you the slightest bit badass as the fitspo said it would? Then don’t do it! Go find something else that makes you feel badass. Everyone talking about having green juice for breakfast but your gag reflex tells you it’s not consumable? Then you clearly are not finding it to be a happy juice and should go explore other healthy breakfast options instead. Keep on exploring and discovering the “wellness guru” within yourself to figure out what does and doesn’t work for you. Instagram (and this blog even) will not have all the answers you’re looking for to make YOU happy.

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