How to "Fit In" Exercise to Your Busy Life

It is largely known that maintaining a healthy lifestyle contributes significantly to our success at work and home… but that doesn’t necessarily mean it is easy to implement. 

Whether you have a highly demanding job, or perhaps an entourage of demanding offspring (!) it is crucial that you make fitness and a balanced diet one of your top priorities so that you can keep up with the demands and expectations of life. 

One of the keys to making a healthy lifestyle a priority is to establish the mentality that it is only going to benefit your other areas of life – it isn’t distracting you from the other important things that you have to do – it is allowing you to perform to your best ability when you do eventually get round to doing them. 

So how do we go about “fitting it in” without hindering our other responsibilities?...

  1. Make things easy for yourself.

The reason you’ve not been working out, is because you simply just don’t have the time or energy, right? That being said, the smallest amount of preparation needed to workout, the better. You can; sleep in your activewear, pick a gym which already has towels and toiletries (less to pack), lay out your dumbells on the floor before going to sleep, keeping a set of gym clothes underneath your desk. If you can do anything which makes working up a sweat more likely, do it! Presenting yourself with fewer excuses and making exercise as easy as possible sets you up for success.

  1. Be time-effiicient.

If you’re really tight on time, you’ll want to get maximum burn/sweat in the shortest amount of time possible. Some great examples of time-efficient workouts are; HIIT classes, tabata training, running… or if you’re more into your strength training, try super-setting your workout so that you spend more time under tension than you do resting!

  1. Enjoy what you do.

We are far more likely to commit to doing what we enjoy – DUH. It is really hard when we are faced with social media telling us that “yoga is cool” or “running is the only way to lose weight” or “if you’re not strength training to build a bubble butt then you’re doing it all wrong”… NO, don’t listen to these! Find what it is you enjoy, and commit to making yourself happy through doing so. There really is no right or wrong when it comes to 

  1. Use your commute.

As summer is drawing to a close, this might not look quite so appealing. However, running or cycling (walking even if you’re close enough) makes a lot of sense to fit exercise into your routine. What with the unpredictability of public transport and/or traffic, you may find that you actually save time in doing so.

  1. Get it in first thing.

A morning workout is an amazing idea for 3 big reasons

-                It means you don’t have 8+ hours at work beforehand making up excuses/working late to skip the workout

-                You will reap the benefits of feeling accomplished before you’ve even started your working day, putting you in the right mindset

-                The gym is often far emptier at 6-7am than it is post-working hours. BIG bonus.


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