In Eggs We Trust. The Truth About Cholesterol

WARNING. This article contains a shameless amount of puns.


Eggs are not heart attacks. That's cracking news!

It seems we have had our facts scrambled, so let’s get one thing straight; the cholesterol found in eggs, has a totally insignificant effect on the cholesterol in our bodies. The myth of how eggs are bad for our hearts came from the US sometime in the 1970’s. It all started because of a misunderstanding of how cholesterol from our diet affects blood cholesterol. 

“While people with high blood cholesterol are at increased risk of heart disease, only a third of the cholesterol in the body is attributed to diet.” Quote poached from The British Nutrition Foundation

Eating eggs every day will not contribute to a heart attack, no need to eggs-clude them from your breakfast; saturated fats from butter and red meat are the real culprits. A whopping 45% of the British population believe that eating (an) egg should be limited to 3 times a week. Health Nutritionist Dr. Juliet Gray says there is no evidence to support this “ingrained misconception”. I was a bit irritated to find out that I had been restricting myself due to some misinformation, but, omelettin’ this slide. Even the Senior Dietician at the British Heart Foundation, Victoria Taylor, confirmed there is no need to restrict our egg intake. 

“Indeed they can be encouraged to include them in a healthy diet as they are one of nature’s most nutritionally dense foods.”  Bruce Griffin, Professor of Nutritional Metabolism at Surrey University .

Egg-cellent health benefits.

What are the real benefits of eggs? Let’s take a look.

  • Good for maintaing normal skin.
  • Helps our immune system function.  
  • Contributes to healthy vision (eyes)
  • Keeps bones & teeth strong
  • Helps us form red blood cells
  • Energy metabolism 
  • Tissue growth
  • Regulates the nervous system
  • Helps the production of thyroid hormones, and helps the thyroid gland work properly. 
  • Good for skin and hair
  • Protects our cells against oxidisation (think – cancers!)

Eggs are a high source of protein. We need protein, especially when we are working on our fitness and taking the time to eggs-ercise. Protein is an essential nutrient. Every person needs protein to maintain a strong and healthy body. 

Go ahead, add an egg-stra portion of egg to your diet. 

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