Our Story

trogym® is a brand of sustainable activewear, blending modern exotic styles and smart materials with a commitment to treating workforces and the environment kindly


We; Raoni and Phoebe, started trogym® in 2015, using our personal beliefs and values as the foundations on which to build an inspiring, positive brand. From the get-go we decided to do our best to be different; to build a premium brand in terms of quality and ethical standards, but without a scary price tag.

Our aim is to deliver beautiful activewear that empowers and inspires you in your workouts, whether you practice Yoga, go running or like to lift weights. 

"When you feel confident, it sets you up to perform well. Whether you are going for a jog in the park, or about to enter a busy gym floor, we want you to look in the mirror and feel confident enough to go and face your goals". Raoni Medina, Co-Founder of trogym®  


Extensive research into styles, materials and production techniques led us into the path of a likeminded manufacturing team in the south of Brazil. Itching to "give back" to the planet, we teamed up with charity One Tree Planted, so that a tree is planted for each product we bring to market. As of 2018, we have decided to donate our proceeds to some "heart-core" causes; aiding ocean cleanup projects, and human trafficking organisations, for example.


Overall, our message and guiding philosophy is a simple one: with faith, you can face anything and everything - your fears as well as your goals. On that note, as we are fond of telling ourselves every day here at trogym®


"Believing is just the beginning"


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